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The NEAG Business Services Center in partnership with CLAS has developed reports to assist Faculty, Staff, and Department Heads in understanding their current budget position.
Reports are PDF documents generated from, and should not be considered SPAM.

Faculty and Department Financial reports were formerly sent out in one email with multiple attachments, but have now been combined into one PDF drill down capable attachment. The content and format of the reports remains similar.

Things to consider:

  • Reports reflect all pending transactions that may be a part of KFS as of the previous day close of business.
  • If your report indicates that the account end date has passed, any funds remaining revert back to the area that originally provided the funds.
  • Accounts in deficit should be addressed as soon as possible; please contact your departmental staff member or your department fiscal officer.
  • 4-Ledger revenue accounts have been established as if all estimated revenue has been received; does not reflect Cash.
  • Payroll transactions now include employee names.
  • Questions or concerns should be directed to: or your department fiscal officer.


Thank you,
Neag Business Services Center